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Sub Box w/ Storage Cubby, Front LED Panel, Amp, & Subs for 2017-2023 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab
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The TB-FSD-ARSENAL-RGB-210TW3-Z1000 subwoofer enclosure with a built-in storage cubby is designed to fit under the rear seat of your 2017 - 2023 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab. This enclosure fits entirely under the rear seat, does not extend beyond the front or sides of the rear seat, and does not restrict seat movement. The storage cubby lines up perfectly with the jump seat on the passenger side of the truck, and the subwoofers fire down toward the floor, providing protection for the subwoofers and a nice loading effect for deep and powerful sounding bass. This enclosure includes (2) JL Audio 10TW3 subwoofers and a GrindWorkz Z1000.1D 1000 Watt Amplifier.

This TruckBass subwoofer enclosure features a black RGB LED backlight front panel with a gray "FORD" decal. Black Katzkin upholstery is standard to match your OEM black leather, giving it that premium touch. Excitement is added to the front of your enclosure with our RGB LED backlit front panel. These standard multi-color RGB LEDs are controlled by a wireless remote, allowing you to select any solid color or a scrolling color pattern. Removal of the under-seat storage compartment and storage compartment mounting bolts is required. Our production team has assembled this enclosure using high-grade materials at our Rexburg, Idaho facility. The enclosure is in-stock and ready to ship!

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