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Sub Box for 2017-2023 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab w/ Front & Side Logos
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Product Details

The TB-FSD-BARRICADE-PREMIER subwoofer enclosure is designed to fit under the rear seat of your 2017 - 2023 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab. This enclosure fits entirely under the rear seat, does not extend beyond the front or sides of the rear seat, and does not restrict seat movement. The subwoofers fire-down toward the floor, providing protection for the subwoofers and a nice loading effect for deep and powerful sounding bass that will elevate your listening experience. You can purchase just the enclosure on its own, or you can add subwoofers and/or an amplifier to receive a discount on the enclosure.

TruckBass Premier subwoofer enclosures include laser-etched front and side accents that can be customized with your choice of logos. Black carpet upholstery is standard on the front and sides of the enclosure; however, a Katzkin upholstery upgrade is available for a premium touch. You can also add some excitement to the front and sides of your enclosure by adding our optional LED lighting upgrade. You can choose between standard multi-color RGB LEDs, controlled by a wireless remote, or smartphone-controlled RGB LEDs, allowing you to select any solid color or choose from multiple chasing effects. The under seat storage (if equipped) and storage mounting bolts will need to be removed to ensure a perfect fitment. Your design requests will be assembled by our production team using high-grade materials in our Rexburg, Idaho facility. You can typically expect a 4-6 week turnaround time from order placement to order shipment. Because this enclosure is built to your specifications, all sales are final.


Vehicle Fitment 2017-2023 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab
(Does not fit Super Cab or Regular Cab)
Enclosure Fitment: Fits Under the Rear Seat
(The under seat storage bin and mounting bolts will need to be removed)
Woofer Firing Direction Down-Firing
Sealed or Ported
Construction Material High Grade 3/4 Inch MDF
Top/Back/Bottom Upholstery Black Trunk Liner
Front and Side Panels Black Laser Etched Acrylic w/ Katzkin Wrapped Trim Overlay
Speaker Terminals (1) Spring Loaded Terminal
Total Air Volume "Air Space" 1.64 ft³
(Common chamber)
Mounting Depth
4.22 Inches
(Magnet size may affect this measurement)
Woofer Clearance 1.875 Inches
(From the bottom of the enclosure to the floor)
Speaker Wire 12 AWG Speaker Wire Included with RGB LED Enclosures
(Enclosures without RGB LED lighting do not include speaker wire)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty? " subwoofer enclosures are warranted to be free from defects and materials for a period of (1) year from the original date of purchase. Products purchased with your enclosure will be covered under the original manufacturer's warranty."
Does the subwoofer enclosure ship with the product in it? "No, to help keep the shipping weight down and mitigate potential damage to the subwoofer enclosure in transit, we ship the subwoofer enclosure separately from any other gear you may have purchased."
Does this come with everything I need to install it? "No, because every vehicle is unique based on the audio equipment installed from the factory or aftermarket, we suggest that you supply your own installation parts to accommodate your installation needs."
Can the lights stay one color? "Yes, regardless of whether you selected our standard or solid/chasing RGB LED upgrade, the lights can stay on one color if you select that mode."
Do you still offer colored accents? "No, in order to achieve a more cohesive look for our products and streamline the selection process, we now exclusively offer black accent acrylics. However, you can still have your logo(s) in any color you prefer by opting for our RGB LED upgrade."
How do I connect the LEDs? "If you've chosen our RGB LED upgrade, you'll need to wire the LED controller. We supply a power/ground pigtail that must be connected to the vehicle's power and ground, enabling the LED controller and lights to activate. We will soon post a video in this section, demonstrating how to connect the LED lights."
Can this enclosure be ported? "No, this specific enclosure is designed as a sealed enclosure. If you prefer a ported enclosure, you can select from our other available ported options."
Does this enclosure include an amp rack? "No, this enclosure does not include an amp rack. If you desire an enclosure with a built-in amp rack, please check out our Encore Series of enclosures."
Can I order this enclosure for different subwoofer configurations? "No, this enclosure is exclusively available for dual 10-inch, or 12-inch subwoofer configurations."
How long will it take for me to get my enclosure? "The timeframe for this can vary based on our current workload. You can view our current turnaround times by clicking here."
Will this work with my floor mats? "TruckBass subwoofer enclosures are not specifically designed to accommodate floormats. However, this does not necessarily mean they won't fit or work with your floormats; we simply cannot guarantee their compatibility."

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